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HALO is Brewed better for you.

Our HALO Alcoholic Kombucha range is all-natural, has less than 0.1g of sugar per can, and is brewed using our proprietary two-stage fermentation process. The result is a deliciously refreshing boozy booch you can drink straight from the can or from a glass over ice.

HALO Alcoholic Kombucha Proof Points


Berry lime

All natural strawberry and raspberry taste up front with zesty lime citrus in the finish.

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Packs a punch

Lemon Ginger

A big hit of natural ginger up front with lemon citrus in the finish.

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Fresh and juicy


Fresh and juicy natural watermelon upfront with the perfect balance of sweet and tart flavours.

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Fragrant and fruity passionfruit up front with a refreshing ‘old school’ lemonade finish.

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Mango Peach

Delicious tropical mango flavours up front with a juicy ripe peach finish.

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Apple guava

Fresh and tart green apple up front balanced by lush guava flavours on the finish.

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