Brewed not mixed alcoholic kombucha

Taste the difference.

Every drop of deliciously refreshing HALO Alcoholic Kombucha is brewed using our proprietary two-stage fermentation process. We don’t mix. We brew. And brewed is better. It just is. 

Figures to be proud of.

HALO Alcoholic Kombucha has nothing to hide. We celebrate the nutritional information on our cans. Our figures are always on display.

Halo alcoholic kombucha is low in sugar with less than 0.1 gram per can

Natural fermentation. You beauty.

Because HALO is brewed not mixed, all of the sugars are consumed during our proprietary two-stage natural fermentation process.

Low carb and low cal alcoholic kombucha

Easy on the lips, and on the hips.

HALO Alcoholic Kombucha is very low in both carbohydrates and calories. Our HALO Berry Lime can has only 1.8 carbs and 109 cals. From any angle, they're good figures.

Full strength alcoholic kombucha

A responsible kick in every can.

HALO Alcoholic Kombucha is a deliciously refreshing full-strength natural alcoholic beverage with all the right figures. 


Fresh and juicy natural watermelon upfront with the perfect balance of sweet and tart flavours.


A big hit of natural ginger up front with lemon citrus in the finish.


All natural strawberry and raspberry taste up front with zesty lime citrus in the finish.