Happiness now comes in 6 flavours | HALO Alcoholic Kombucha

Happiness now comes in 6 flavours | HALO Alcoholic Kombucha

Following our Lemon Ginger and Berry Lime brews' success in 2020, we decided to push things a bit further over the summer break. Using our proprietary two-stage fermentation process, we experimented with dozens of new flavour combos. The results are something we're extremely proud of. 

True to the HALO formula, we focused on expanding our range of refreshing, low sugar and low carb kombucha beverages that are also organic and gluten-free. We prioritised a clean, crisp taste that's perfect straight from the can or over ice in a tall glass.

Introducing Passionfruit

Fragrant and fruity passionfruit upfront with a refreshing 'old school' lemonade finish.

New HALO Passionfruit

Introducing Mango Peach

Delicious tropical mango flavours upfront with a juicy ripe peach finish.

New HALO Mango Peach

Introducing Apple Guava

Fresh and tart green apple up front balanced by lush guava flavours on the finish.

These three exciting new flavours join our ever-popular Watermelon, Lemon Ginger, and Berry Lime.